Sunday, November 8, 2009

Advantages and disadvantages of views in sql server

Advantages of view

1. Data Security

2. Simplicity

3. No Space

4. Hide data and columns from base tables

5. You can easily use a view to create new information out of existing data,
without changing the (legacy) database structure

6. Complex queries can be stored in the from of view

Disadvantages of view

1. Querying from view takes more time than directly querying from the table

2. I
t will have to do the query a new, every time it is opened

3. when table is not there view will not work or view become inactive

4. View can be create only if there is SELECT Permission on its base table

5. views can not derived the data from temp tables

6.Query defining view can not include ORDER BY,COMPUTE,INTO Keyword

7.You can not define full text index definitions on views

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